There is a blossoming that I notice happen, when someone sees them self through someone else’s eyes. There is a power that pushes through when we allow ourselves to connect with our bodies and pour kindness into the parts of us that we usually hide away. I believe that every stage of our self-love journey is important and deserves to be documented and thanked for it’s part in the process. Even the seasons where we have a harder time finding the beauty we possess. To that end, empowerment sessions are for YOU. Don't let your size, gender, sexual orientation, race, age, body hair, or level of ability stop you from enjoying this experience.

I strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to express yourself however feels right for you. Whether that be indoors or outdoors in the Fraser Valley area and beyond. Boudoir Empowerment sessions are no longer limited to the stereotype of lingerie and heels in a bedroom posing with your butt up in the air (though we do love a good booty pic); Instead we are redefining these sessions, to concentrate on the quiet sides of you. We will shine light on the pieces of you that you struggle to accept, so that you may find beauty in them. We are breaking down your mental blocks and insecurities to find new love for your body.

I'll let my client's tell you About it...

"Taeya is a talented photographer with a vision of supporting women on their journey to feel empowered through the art of self expression."

"As women we are constantly bombarded with voices that tell us we’re not good enough. We compare ourselves with airbrushed models and rarely feel like we measure up.
My empowerment sessions with Taeya really broke down the beauty standards that I had in my head and allowed me to enjoy this present moment in my body.
Loving all that I am is going to take time, but I couldn’t help but see myself in a new light after receiving my images.
There is such freedom in playfully wandering barefoot in nature and I wish everyone could experience this level of self-love.
Taeya has such a special gift and will bring out all of the beauty that you are already"

"Taeya was a phenomenal photographer!! I was feeling confident and she helped keep that positive vibe throughout the shoot. She made it fun and she really captured the real me. Taeya was very responsive and such an amazing hype girl. The pricing was right and the quality of the photos were fantastic! I will definitely be getting all of my important milestones in life captured by this amazing woman!"

View some of my recent empowerment boudoir galleries to further understand my vision for breaking down insecurities

What your gallery could look like

My name is Taeya! I'm an Inclusive Empowerment Boudoir Photographer in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver Area, and I practice what I preach! Representation and diversity are important in boudoir. I used to look at popular boudoir photographer's pages and believe that I could never do that, because every person on their page was a thin white woman in lingerie that hugged all the right places. I couldn’t find bodies that looked like mine. When I started, I knew that it would be important for me to step into that space myself, and share my own self-love journey through photography. It feels paramount for me to represent others who look like me. To tell others, that we can be photographed and that we SHOULD be photographed, this way.

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1. Find the Inspiration

The first thing I like to talk about before booking, is the vision. This means, what you want out of your session, what type of location you have in mind, and what your comfort levels are. Is this session for you alone? Do you want to include your partner(s)? Do you want to experience this with a close friend? etc.

My Process for empowerment boudoir

2. Lock it in Babe

This is  where I officially reserve your date for you! After all your questions have been answered and your package has been chosen, I send a contract and invoice for your review.  You sign and send the retainer (25% of the total investment) and we're ready to go! Payment plan options are available.

3. Freebies

With every empowerment booking I send over some free resources to help maximize your self-love experience.
  • Empowerment Style Guide
  • Prep Guide & Blog Resources
  • Questionnaire to help ME prepare for your unique session

4. Helping you Emotionally Prepare

1 week before every session, I send out an email with intentional self-love practices to help you emotionally prepare for your session. This is intimate art, which I understand can be a difficult step on your self-love journey. I always strive to make it feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

5. Model Release Options

Every contract includes a model release which allows me to share the images we create on my website and social media HOWEVER, your comfort and privacy are my first priority. Once your gallery is delivered, you may decide which images you feel comfortable with me sharing. I will never post anything online that you don't want out there!

6. Google Review

I'll send you a link to my google page where you can write a review about your experience with me so that others looking for an empowerment boudoir photographer can see what it would be like creating with me.

I am the photographer for the unapologetically genuine humans, unafraid of a lil' (or a lot) of PDA. The photographer for the friends who want to hype up and support one another on their self love journeys. The photographer for the people who want to highlight what society deems as "flaws" with romance and beauty instead of shame.

I am a huge advocate for expressing your self love through intimate and empowering imagery. The society we have grown into, is one full of judgment and self doubt. These days it is hard to decipher the rules of modesty and sexuality. Women are shamed for being prudes when they hide their bodies, and sluts when they express or highlight their figures. Women are held to too many double standards to keep track of. And through all of the pressure we are put under, it is difficult to find value in ourselves; to find beauty and confidence. Men on the other hand are often shamed if they are too emotional or if they present themselves in what others classify as “feminine” ways. Men are “meant” to be this or that, and can’t fall anywhere in between because that isn’t very “manly”.
The reality is, we ALL deserve to look at our bodies, and instead of seeing something taboo, over sexualized, coveted, or shameful - see beauty, worth and power. All bodies are boudoir bodies. Let's celebrate yours!

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