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For me, photographing your session or wedding is about capturing the season of life that you are experiencing right now. I never want to fabricate your memories, I want to get to know you and then let you shine.

With that said, let's get a little real here. There is a photographer out there for everyone; we are not a one size fits all industry.
I am the photographer for the hopeless romantics; The wanderers; The free spirited, windswept, and barefoot lovers. I am the photographer for the person who finds perfection in the imperfect. I am the photographer for the people who value authenticity, empowerment, deep connection, and all forms of art.
In front of my lens is a space free of judgement.
I promise to always be your hype girl!

Special Note :

To learn about my process and approach, click on the type of service below, that you are looking for.

And if Something Goes Wrong...

Life rarely ever goes as expected. You can never definitively say that a day is going to go off without a hitch.
Real talk - Weddings pretty much always run behind. You can plan and replan a hundred times, and you will still never be able to predict everything that could go wrong.
It could start raining during your empowerment session. It could snow the day before your love session. We could get stuck together in traffic on the way to our location. And that's OKAY! 
Embrace the imperfections and turn them into great stories.

let's be honest

EMBRACE IT. If it rains, dance in the rain. If it snows, cozy up and keep your partner warm. If your dress gets dirty, get it dirtier.

Focus on the things that matter the most. Honour the season of life that you are in by just letting the rest fade away and being yourself. Don't worry about keeping every hair in place or smudging your makeup when you kiss your loved ones. When you look back on your images, you should only remember the love and joy that you were celebrating in your life, none of those little things matter. Just be present in the moment.

Maybe all you want is to share a meal and some drinks with your friends and family, take some photos and go home - that's perfectly okay!
The most beautiful moments happen organically. I am not here to fabricate, rather to memorialize reality. Capturing genuine, heartwarming love, is important to me. Connecting with like-minded people, is important to me. You can bet that I will be laughing along with you and crying along with you, because I pour all of me, into what I do.

Your wedding is all about your love. My job is to capture what is already there and emphasize on your true passion and emotion simply through storytelling. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate your day. This is your love day. It is your choice how you celebrate. If you want to run through the forest hand in hand, dance in circles together until you’re so dizzy you’re seeing doubles of each other, and laugh until your bellies ache, i am right there with you!
Whether you want the big extravagant wedding with all your friends and family, or the small intimate ceremony in your backyard, I am by your side!

Learn about the process

1. Contact - tell me about your vision

2. Planning - We discuss date, location, general outline of your day + the important things to capture

3. contract and retainer fee to book your date + package

4. 3-month meeting (design album if included)

5. Vendor + Timeline questionnaire

6. Celebrate together

7. Sneak peeks within 48 hours

8. Staggered gallery delivery for intentional viewing (More information on this is in my wedding guide)

The Whole Process

9. Order additional prints straight through my shop, design album layout together.

Empowerment sessions are full of complete guidance and understanding. From our first contact, i will work with you to create a session that reflects the ways in which you want to celebrate your body and everything it does for you.
My main focus for empowerment sessions is creating a space that you can feel comfortable and free in. In front of my lens, you are unshackled to expectations of an unattainable ideal of perfection.

Empowerment sessions are for anyone. You can be any gender, any race, or any age (well you must be 18+).
These sessions are about embracing your self-love; your sexuality; your divine power; your sensuality. These sessions are about connecting your mind and body.
In today's society, we are bombarded by photo after photo of what the "ideal" body type is. Regardless of your gender. This world is full of people trying to fit into someone else’s box for what is perceived as beautiful. I want to shatter that insane standard and allow my clients a space in which they can view themselves for what they truly are. Powerful and important.

Learn about the process

1. Contact - tell me about your vision for your self love experience

2. Planning - We discuss date, general location, and creative direction

3. contract and retainer fee to book your date + time

4. Create art together

5. sneak peeks within 48 hours

6. Full session delivery 2-3 weeks after session

7. You tell me which images you are okay with me sharing to my site/social media. 
(these are intimate moments, you have full control over what I share and don't)

8. Order prints and albums straight through my shop

The Whole Process

Love sessions really highlight the way you and your partner interact together. I help take the pressure off, by using invitations that invite true connection. What this means is, you will be talking and laughing with one another more than you will ever be looking at the camera saying cheese and smiling awkwardly. Honestly, I probably won't even ask you to look right at me... Because love sessions are for you to reconnect and be present with one another. Not a camera. For all those beautiful souls who feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, don't worry, I got you! You will have full direction during your whole session.

Love sessions are about expressing the love you and your partner share. These sessions are full of personality and deep connection. Be your genuine selves! If you want to do an in-home session baking together, let's freakin' do it. If you want to roll around on the beach together, I’m up for getting a little sandy; If you want to keep it simple in a field outside or inside a room with blank walls, heck yes! The focus of these sessions is your relationship.
The location doesn't matter! What matters is that you show up ready to be authentically you and get a little personal in front of my lens.

Learn about the process

1. Contact - tell me about your relationship

2. Planning - We discuss date, location, and creative direction

3. contract and retainer fee to book your date + time

4. Create art together

5. sneak peeks within 48 hours

6. Full session delivery 2-3 weeks after session

8. Order prints and albums straight through your gallery

The Whole Process

Brand development sessions are set up in a way that each session is completely personalized to your unique brand. This means that I offer services to brands with products and or services.
Here are some examples of brands that I am gearing these sessions towards:
| Tattoo Artists | Cafe's | Breweries/Wineries Etc. | Jewelry | Clothing | Photographers | Handmade Wood Products | And Many More.
If you aren't sure if your brand would apply, just ask!

Brand development sessions are about finding a deeper level of branding. With these sessions I want to help you create a brand style; a cohesive and personalized look. These sessions are much more than just product photos. I am diving into showcasing what makes your brand yours; what message your brand conveys; why your brand is important and what makes it unique.
Something I’ve learned about small businesses and marketing, is that showing who you are with your following, is important. I want these sessions to include not only flat lay images of your products, but also portraits of the face behind the business and the product (or service) being used by real people.

Learn about the process

1. Contact - tell me about your vision for your brand + what your message is

2. Planning - We discuss date, location, and creative direction

3. contract and retainer fee to book your date + time

4. Create art together - brand owner on site for initial session at least

5. sneak peeks within 48 hours

6. Full session delivery 2-3 weeks after session

7. You have marketing and commercial rights to use your images on your social media, website, and promotion material.

8. Ongoing session options to keep up with new inventory, new staff members, and fresh business owner portraits

The Whole Process

I like to incorporate the most movement in these sessions, that means, spinning in circles until you're dizzy, running around barefoot (or not - whatever you're into), flipping your hair side to side, skipping, and maybe even dancing. Just generally letting loose and feeling free. One-on-one sessions are some of my favourite because I love to connect and create space for self-discovery. These sessions focus on you and creating memories that remind you how unique you are.

Portraits sessions are much like empowerment sessions but y'know, with a little more clothing...
These sessions are less intimate and usually a little more casual, but they can be just as creative and personal. Portrait sessions are about bringing out that more joyful, and playful side of yourself. Though i do like to leave room for quiet contemplation and self-reflection in all of my one-on-one sessions.
These sessions are about self-expression. That means that you can be as wild and colourful as you feel, or as quiet and gentle as you wish. I take the pressure off by giving you full direction and guidance throughout your session.

Learn about the process

1. Contact - tell me about who you are and what your vision is

2. Planning - We discuss date, location, and creative direction

3. contract and retainer fee to book your date + time

4. Create art together

5. sneak peeks within 48 hours

6. Full session delivery 2-3 weeks after session

7. Order prints and product straight through your gallery

The Whole Process

When you book with me, I give you my all. You can trust that I am here to serve you, the best way that I can. Your memories hold meaning and they are just as important to me as my own. Every session and wedding is carefully prepared for. I ask you questions to better understand you and what parts of you are the most important to capture. I edit your images with incredible attention to detail - if I have to edit pet hairs off of your shirt so that they aren't the main focus of the image, you bet I'll be doing that for the entire gallery. I will keep your images true to life while also putting my own moody personal touch on them. I listen to your wants and needs and I do everything within my power to deliver those to you. I will always stay true to my craft but I am also here to bring your visions to life and to portray you in ways that reflect who you are.

Place Your Trust In Me


Shawna + Jeremy


Although we were Taeya’s first wedding I never had a worry she was going to do an amazing job. She had done both our engagement photos and my boudoir photos previously and all were exactly what I was looking for. Not only do her photos capture a moment perfectly she is also very professional and passionate about what she does. She makes you feel very comfortable in front on the camera and is always prepared. Before the wedding we sat down and talked about exactly what I was looking for so on the day I never worried about her missing a moment I wanted. Looking at her work after the wedding I was blown away as not only did she take absolutely beautiful photos of my husband and I but also all of our guests. Since the wedding she has done photo shoots for my friends and I will be using her for my maternity photos.
All in all I would highly recommend her to anyone as we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer.

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Angela + Dustin


Taeya at t.f photography is AMAZING!! Finding a photographer was difficult - I looked through many websites, portfolios and I'd even done couples shoots with other photographers before deciding. What I've learned is that you need to find someone you just connect with. Someone passionate about their art but also committed to you and your vision. Out of all the photographers I've worked with, Taeya definitely stands out. It's as if you have your friend there making you smile and be yourself, while capturing you in your best light. She gets back to you so quickly, is so kind, professional, and honestly I just love her art so much! Her photos make us all look stunning and my husband and I are so impressed with the results! We haven't ever had good photos together until we met Taeya. We're so glad we found her and she was a blessing to work with! She's now done our engagement shoot, couple shoot, wedding, and my personal boudoir shoot and I highly recommend her for all your photography needs! I mean, just look at her portfolio!! SO MUCH TALENT!!

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Lexi + Michael


I was able to meet Taeya through my husband's friend, and wow I got so lucky! I gained amazing photo's and a friendship. She did my engagement and wedding photos and didn't disappoint. She lets you suggest locations, photo ideas, and editing styles you love. She's always thinking of fun prompts to get just the right reactions for photo's. She loves to experiment and it never disappoints. If you want someone dedicated to their work and brings you amazing photos in a timely manner she is the one to pick!

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Estelle By Chloe

Brand Development Session

Taeya was such as pleasure to work with, she's super funny and makes you feel very comfortable during your photoshoot ! She managed to capture the beauty of my jewelry pieces in every shot and knew exactly what pose to set us up in to create such elegant pictures. Highly recommend for your brand development among her many other talents.

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Empowerment Session

You have no idea what these images mean to me, I have struggled my whole life to see the beauty that people talk about when they see me, I have never been able to see it. I struggle every day with body dysmorphia and learning to love the skin that I'm in. You have given me a gift that nobody ever has, you have opened up my eyes to how beautiful and sexy I really am, and for that I can't thank you enough.

I would recommend this experience to anyone out there that has ever questioned their self love, felt uncomfortable in the skin they're in, or just need that boost of self confidence. I have struggled with loving myself, and this experience really opened my eyes to what others see, that I've never been able to. I fell in love with myself when I saw my images for the first time, and that right there is priceless.

5      of 


Empowerment Session

I had never done an empowerment photoshoot before and Taeya made me extremely comfortable. I am very impressed with the final photos. I have and will continue to recommend her to others! Thank you Taeya for helping me with self love.

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Chantal + Ty

Love Session

The love session that I booked with Taeya for my boyfriend & I was AMAZING!! It was our first professional photography session so I was super nervous about it because I'm really awkward in front of the camera, but with Taeya as our photographer, she made it so easy and made us feel so comfortable!!

She captures the most precious and forever moments.

We will definitely be having Taeya do all of our future photography sessions!

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Sam + Amy

Love Session

Taeya was recommended to my fiancé and I by a few friends who had done a couple shoots with her before. We saw their photos and loved how they turned out. We were unhappy with our original engagement session done a few years prior, by another photographer and thought it was time for a redo. Taeya was amazing to work with from start to finish. From booking, hearing all of my ideas to get photos that were authentic to us, and even more amazing to work with on the day of. She understands that it can be super awkward in front of the camera and was great at directing us to get some beautiful shots. Her turnaround time was fast and the pictures turned out fantastic. Her work is high quality and I will use her again for any other photography I need. My fiancé and I are beyond happy with the photos we received. 

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Empowerment Session

Taeya was a phenomenal photographer!! I was feeling confident and she helped keep that positive vibe throughout the shoot. She made it fun and she really captured the real me. Taeya was very responsive and such an amazing hype girl. The pricing was right and the quality of the photos were fantastic! I will definitely be getting all of my important milestones in life captured by this amazing woman!

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"These aren't just images, these are memories."

When you are looking to invest your time and money into a photographer, it is important that you find the right person for you. Capturing something as intimate and personal as your lifetime memories, means putting your trust into someone you may not know very well. I encourage you to choose a photographer based on the person behind the camera, rather than the weight of the investment. Look for someone that aligns with your personal values; someone that focuses on bringing out who you are; and someone who genuinely cares about the experience you have with them.

I promise to always invest as much into my clients, as they invest into me.
I do not fabricate moments and emotions, I focus on giving you a space to embrace and express what is already within you.

invest in your


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