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Taeya Fierro

I'm a photographer based in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area in BC. I value diversity and acceptance and strive to create a safe space for my clients to be themselves. I have heard stories of photographers who won’t photograph a couple because of their sexuality, or who won’t photograph a person because they are a plus sized babe and I think that is pretty fucked up! I will never turn you down based on who you love, how you love yourself, or what the colour of your skin is. 

I have lived in Maple Ridge my entire life, so I am always looking forward to the next adventure. I love to explore new places and spend lots of time in nature (although I am not a big fan of exercise, so hiking is not on my usual list of hobbies).
When I say I spend a lot of time in nature I mean, sitting by the lake or ocean and soaking up the sun; swinging in a hammock in the forest; and tent camping in the middle of nowhere with a couple of friends (even in the rain).

This is a Safe space to celebrate who you are

I am a small town girl with a dream of travelling the world..

Authentic | Moody | Intimate | Goofy | Warm

      I write poetry and prose

Words have the power to change our feelings, views and actions. I have two poetry books on the go right now. The first is called Balancing Act and it's all about finding myself. The second is called Lighthouses in the Dark and it is a love story, from start to finish - from strangers to lovers back to strangers. Follow my Instagram for more!

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Budding Author


      Rewatching TV shows.

Seriously, I have watched One Tree Hill 4-5. times over (I've honestly lost count), Grey's Anatomy 2 full times, Pretty Little Liars 2 times, Vampire Diaries 2 times, Gossip girl 3 times. I cannot stop myself! I get so invested in the characters and just connect so deeply. If you couldn't tell, I'm a little bit of a young adults drama fan... juvenile? Maybe. Do I care? Not at all.

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Obsessed with

      Latte's are the only way I drink coffee

I'm not joking, I can't even drink coffee unless it has the entire store's supply of sugar in it. And if I drink it on an empty stomach I feel sick all day.
My favourite coffee drink is a caramel macchiato, and I always get extra caramel. I think I'm trying to give myself more of a sugar high than a caffeine boost honestly...

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Sugar Finatic

      I mean back when I had a boyfriend...

My ideal date night looked a lot like this:
Candy, either a movie or one of the million tv shows that I have on the go, cuddling up, and a cozy blanket. I am a couch potato at heart. I live for those cozy, intimate, everyday moments.
(p.s: If you can relate, a cozy in home session may just be the perfect couple's session idea for you two!)

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My Ideal Date

      I laugh at literally everything

I am not kidding when I tell you this! I truly cannot help myself. I find even the silliest of things, absolutely hilarious. I am a sucker for a goofy, terrible pun. If you are the kind of person to just bank 'em up and use them as party jokes, I am definitely your kinda audience. Keep them coming!

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always laughing

      I love to sing and dance

Honestly, I cannot dance to save my life. I lose my balance often and I just have no physical rhythm. If you see me dance... I'm truly sorry. I try to keep this one locked away in my bedroom where people can't see.. BUT not to toot my own horn... I can sing! I have been singing since I was little (not professionally, don't get me wrong, I'm not that good ahah) and I have always found great emotional release in it. 

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guilty pleasures

      My soul mate...

Keisha was a golden retriever cross yellow lab. She recently passed at almost 14 yet still kept her puppy energy right to the end. We spent every day together, cuddling and sun bathing in the sunset light that poured into my room every night. She loved cheese, apples, salmon, and even lettuce. Our connection was something I will always hold dear and I will always be thankful for every image I have of her.

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Furry Friend

I don't believe in one size fits all - I believe that finding the right photographer, matters. Photography is about so much more than a few pretty pictures. It's about memorializing each beautiful season that we experience in life; each season that makes us who we are and who we will become. Even the ones full of heartache and grief are worthy of acknowledgement.
I am the photographer for the people who value tangible memories and keepsakes; the people who find beauty in the ugliest of places; the dreamers who explore barefoot and can't listen to music without singing along - even when they fuck up the words. I am not the photographer for everyone, and I hope that if I'm not the right fit, you find the one that speaks to you, because when it comes to handling your delicate memories, you shouldn't settle!

If you feel a connection to my work, I hope you reach out so we can build upon that connection, and create incredible art that reflects who you are, authentically.

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Angela & Dustin

Taeya at t.f photography is AMAZING!! Finding a photographer was difficult - I looked through many websites, portfolios and I'd even done couples shoots with other photographers before deciding. What I've learned is that you need to find someone you just connect with. Someone passionate about their art but also committed to you and your vision. Out of all the photographers I've worked with, Taeya definitely stands out. It's as if you have your friend there making you smile and be yourself, while capturing you in your best light. She gets back to you so quickly, is so kind, professional, and honestly I just love her art so much! Her photos make us all look stunning and my husband and I are so impressed with the results! We haven't ever had good photos together until we met Taeya. We're so glad we found her and she was a blessing to work with! She's now done our engagement shoot, couple shoot, wedding, and my personal boudoir shoot and I highly recommend her for all your photography needs! I mean, just look at her portfolio!! SO MUCH TALENT!!


Shawna & Jeremy

Although we were Taeya’s first wedding I never had a worry she was going to do an amazing job. She had done both our engagement photos and my boudoir photos previously and all were exactly what I was looking for. Not only do her photos capture a moment perfectly she is also very professional and passionate about what she does. She makes you feel very comfortable in front on the camera and is always prepared. Before the wedding we sat down and talked about exactly what I was looking for so on the day I never worried about her missing a moment I wanted. Looking at her work after the wedding I was blown away as not only did she take absolutely beautiful photos of my husband and I but also all of our guests. Since the wedding she has done photo shoots for my friends and I will be using her for my maternity photos.
All in all I would highly recommend her to anyone as we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer.


Lexi & Michael

I was able to meet Taeya through my husband's friend, and wow I got so lucky! I gained amazing photo's and a friendship. She did my engagement and wedding photos and didn't disappoint. She lets you suggest locations, photo ideas, and editing styles you love. She's always thinking of fun prompts to get just the right reactions for photo's. She loves to experiment and it never disappoints. If you want someone dedicated to their work and brings you amazing photos in a timely manner she is the one to pick!



As women we are constantly bombarded with voices that tell us we’re not good enough. We compare ourselves with airbrushed models and rarely feel like we measure up.
My empowerment sessions with Taeya really broke down the beauty standards that I had in my head and allowed me to enjoy this present moment in my body.
Loving all that I am is going to take time, but I couldn’t help but see myself in a new light after receiving my images.
There is such freedom in playfully wandering barefoot in nature and I wish everyone could experience this level of self-love.
Taeya has such a special gift and will bring out all of the beauty that you are already



You have no idea what these images mean to me, I have struggled my whole life to see the beauty that people talk about when they see me, I have never been able to see it. I struggle every day with body dysmorphia and learning to love the skin that I'm in. You have given me a gift that nobody ever has, you have opened up my eyes to how beautiful and sexy I really am, and for that I can't thank you enough.

I would recommend this experience to anyone out there that has ever questioned their self love, felt uncomfortable in the skin they're in, or just need that boost of self confidence. I have struggled with loving myself, and this experience really opened my eyes to what others see, that I've never been able to. I fell in love with myself when I saw my images for the first time, and that right there is priceless.



I had never done an empowerment photoshoot before and Taeya made me extremely comfortable. I am very impressed with the final photos. I have and will continue to recommend her to others! Thank you Taeya for helping me with self love.


Alex & Cody

We hired Taeya for our engagement photos almost 2 years back and we were blown away by the results. 2 years later we finally got to have the wedding of our dreams and have Taeya photograph and the results were incredible. Her style is unique and beautiful. She made us feel so comfortable even though being in front of a camera isn’t our favourite thing. Our family and friends had nothing but great things to say about her and the way she directed our photography. All the photos were delivered so quickly to us, even some on the night of the wedding which was so exciting for us. Taeya is flexible, kind, welcoming, talented and overall a wonderful person. We can’t recommend her enough.



I had my first session a few years ago with Taeya when she was first starting and she was amazing then. I had another session for an outdoor empowerment session and oh my gosh, she is INCREDIBLE!! I am in awe of her abilities, she does NOT disappoint in her photography skills and I am 110% doing another session with her this summer! Not to mention how sweet and genuine she is as a person, and how easy and comfortable she makes the whole shoot, I HIGHLY recommend her beyond words

I'm really awkward in front of the camera, but with Taeya as my photographer, she made it so easy and feel so comfortable!!
She captures the most precious and forever moments.


Sam & Amy

Taeya was recommended to my fiancé and I by a few friends who had done a couple shoots with her before. We saw their photos and loved how they turned out. We were unhappy with our original engagement session done a few years prior, by another photographer and thought it was time for a redo. Taeya was amazing to work with from start to finish. From booking, hearing all of my ideas to get photos that were authentic to us, and even more amazing to work with on the day of. She understands that it can be super awkward in front of the camera and was great at directing us to get some beautiful shots. Her turnaround time was fast and the pictures turned out fantastic. Her work is high quality and I will use her again for any other photography I need. My fiancé and I are beyond happy with the photos we received. 



Taeya was a phenomenal photographer!! I was feeling confident and she helped keep that positive vibe throughout the shoot. She made it fun and she really captured the real me. Taeya was very responsive and such an amazing hype girl. The pricing was right and the quality of the photos were fantastic! I will definitely be getting all of my important milestones in life captured by this amazing woman!


Estelle by Chloe

Taeya was such as pleasure to work with, she's super funny and makes you feel very comfortable during your photoshoot ! She managed to capture the beauty of my jewelry pieces in every shot and knew exactly what pose to set us up in to create such elegant pictures. Highly recommend for your brand development among her many other talents.


Jass & Archy

If you looking for an amazing photographer combined with an outstanding personality and great price stop looking further! It was our wedding and the first time we'd hired a professional photographer, we were a little nervous since it was our first time and weren't sure how it would all play out, but after our first meeting , we knew, we are in great hands. Taeya is really easy to work with, she explains everything in detail and you can ask her anything and she will be happy to explain. We were just amazed with the pictures and service provided. Highly, highly recommend to everyone who is looking to get professional photos done.


The Northern Tattoo

My business just went through a huge growth spurt and we needed to share our growth in a way that did the studio justice. Taeya did an absolutely incredible job of capturing our vibe and taking a vast and varying collection of photos for us to use on all of our social media and our website. The result is a cohesive internet identity that I am proud to present. The experience of having Taeya photographing the studio, our supplies and staff was one of a kind. She made us feel at ease and was a perfect guide for those of us who are not exactly naturals at posing for the camera. 10/10 would recommend! We still have so many great photos to release over time on our pages <3


"These aren't just images, these are memories."

invest in your


For me, photographing your session or wedding is about capturing the season of life that you are experiencing right now. I never want to fabricate your memories, I want to get to know you and then let you shine.

With that said, there is a right photographer out there for everyone; we are not a one size fits all industry.
I am the photographer for the hopeless romantics; The wanderers; The free spirited, windswept, and barefoot lovers. I am the photographer for the person who finds perfection in the imperfect. I am the photographer for the people who value authenticity, empowerment, deep connection, and all forms of art.

Kind Words


13 Overlooked Ways to Prepare for your Boudoir Session



The blog

The Notebook is a space where I share tips and resources for clients who need a little extra help, the projects that touch my soul, and the knowledge I have gained about the industry I love so much that I wish to share with other photographers.

Take a peek inside to read the words that come straight from my heart, about this incredible journey I am on in photography, and the beautiful people I meet along the way.

I've been doing professional photography in the lower mainland for 4 years now, and I've learned just how vital it is to my creativity, to also step in front of the camera. So if you're a photographer of a similar style and experience level to myself and you wish to do a session swap, let's chat! 

As a photographer, it can be difficult to find yourself in front of the camera. Which means that, as talented as you are behind it, you may not be so talented on the other side and you may need someone with a similar eye to capture those precious moments for you!
Collaborations are about letting loose, having fun, and expressing yourself in a stress free environment with people who exist on the same wave length.

*These are not for family photos or weddings/events.
*Must shoot in RAW and proper expose or under expose.
*I only take on 1-2 of these sessions per month


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