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Fraser Valley Photographer

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Looking for a wedding photographer is like ordering mac n cheese at a restaurant. Yeah, you read that right! Mac n cheese has a pretty simple ingredient list, and yet, everyone makes it a little differently.
When you are looking for a photographer to capture your wedding day, it is more important to search for one that fits your taste, than to just throw everything in a bowl and hope it turns out well.

If you’re looking for the photographer who focuses as much on the details (like your wedding cake, rings, and décor) as they do on your portraits; The photographer who values genuine interaction over stiff and posed portraits; The photographer who guides you through planning a wedding that feels true to you and your relationship…. You found her!

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And Adventurous Lovers

For the Unapologetically Authentic

Empowerment sessions are about learning to accept the skin you're in. Confidence doesn't just grow overnight, and a photo session isn't going to instantly change the way you see yourself, but it is a step towards embracing yourself, as you are. Yes, I’m an empowerment boudoir photographer based out of the Fraser Valley, but that’s not all I am!
I am your hype girl, your cheerleader, and your friend. During empowerment sessions we will break down walls, we will laugh and maybe even cry. One day you will learn to accept yourself for who you are, and when you do, I hope that you can look at the images we create together, and they will be a highlight in the journey you've taken to embracing yourself.

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Intimate Art Through Every Season,

of your Self-Love Journey

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Photographing in-home boudoir sessions in Maple Ridge and Surrounding Cities. Studios in the Vancouver and the Tri-Cities by Rent.
*Disclaimer, full uncensored boudoir below.*

Indoor Empowerment

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Photographing outdoor empowerment boudoir sessions in Maple Ridge and Surrounding Cities. Travel fees may apply.
*Disclaimer, full uncensored boudoir below.*

Outdoor Empowerment

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As a small business in the Fraser Valley, I pride myself on going the extra mile with branding photoshoots, to give your clientele and customer base, a deeper look inside your brand. I want to help you create a style; a cohesive and personalized look. These sessions are more than just the product. They are the people BEHIND the product. We dive into what makes your brand special, what message you want your brand to convey, why your brand is valuable and what makes it unique.

For the Brands and Businesses

That Make it Personal

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Capturing your love, in a way that honours your authentic connection, is more important to me than making sure every hair is in the right place or your shirt isn’t all wrinkled up. Love sessions with me are about the messy, goofy, passionate, in between moments that make up who you are together. These sessions focus on the intimacy you share in quiet moments; the belly aching laughter you only experience with your person; and the way they look at you, when they look at you the way they do (I know you know what I mean.) I will travel the Fraser Valley (or worldwide honestly), just to capture your unique connection and natural interaction.

And Forever Intertwined

For the Hopeless Romantics

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Portrait sessions are truly a reflection of who you are in the here and now. We are constantly documenting the beautiful things around us: the sunsets in the summer, the person we love with all our hearts, the pet we couldn’t imagine life without, the family that nurtures us, but sometimes we get so caught up in trying to remember it all, that we forget to document ourselves. We deserve the spotlight too. Portrait sessions are about freezing this version of you, in time. One day when you are flipping through your photo albums and you come across the person you were when you were 21, you’ll think of how much you’ve grown and be reminded of how much beautiful life you lived in this season. 

Portraits that Capture You,

 in the Here & Now