I have a creative mind and am inspired by the simplest of things. Sometimes working in lifestyle photography, I feel limited to the people that reach out for the types of sessions that they want.. which are still beautiful and allow me to be creative, but it can be hard to find people who are more diverse, and interested in creating the kinds of concepts that don't fit within the normal scope of the lifestyle world.
The sessions on this page, will include some out of the box concepts as well as just a search for more diverse people than is shown in my regular portfolio.

I have included the premise of the session, a description of what I'm looking for in the model(s), and I'll include links to resource materials so you have a visual of what I'm looking for.

The why...

These sessions will be severely discounted compared to my regular sessions. After a concept has been fulfilled, it will be updated here as finished, and I will link a blog post to the final product for everyone to see how it turned out.

In return for a full model release, and a non-refundable $459 booking fee (plus GST) you will receive the following:
1. 1-2 hour creative session
2. 5 FREE digital images
3. Exclusive collections to upgrade to for more digital images

Some specific sessions may incur additional fees for things such as props, food, beverages, wardrobe, location (as minimal as possible).

The Deal Is...

So what the heck are these sessions?

How to Apply


Click the "Apply Now" button under each casting call and you will be taken to a connection form.

Fill out every box and select the casting call you are applying for.

Email a photo of you and/or your partner (depending on the session) with the subject as the name you put on the connection form.

*DISCLAIMER* these applications are open to ALL humans. I am looking for diversity. So please don't hold back because of your race, age, ability, sex, orientation, size or any other thing you believe you should hide from the camera.

Click the title of the casting call for details.

1. Steamy Gay Male Couple


CONCEPT: Gay Male Couple of any age, race or size. Indoor intimate session.
This concept is free flowing so here are a few ideas.
1. In underwear on bed/couch/floor
2. In towels, fresh out of the shower look.
3. Nude with blankets/sheets covering all the bits. Creative intertwining of legs to cover everything
4. Props such as guitars, books, painting etc. Personal elements to your relationship.

MUST: Be willing to show skin.

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):





2. Lifestyle Gay Male Couple

Lifestyle Gay Male Couple

CONCEPT: Gay Male Couple of any age, race or size. outdoor couple's session.

MUST: Be willing to show a little PDA

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):




3. Pizza Date Night

Pizza Date Night

CONCEPT: Couple eating pepperoni pizza together. Either indoors or outdoors.
Beers (for drinkers) or glass coke bottles (for non-drinkers)

MUST: Be comfortable with lots of PDA and cuddling.


EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):





4. Blue Hour Couple

Blue Hour Couple

CONCEPT: Couple of any orientation, outside at blue hour using the headlights of a car as a spotlight/backlight.
1. More dramatic clothing - full length dresses and /or suits.
2. Rain or shine

MUST: Have own vehicle and email photos of it (preferred - jeep, truck, vintage)

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):





5. Kissing in the Rain

Kissing in the Rain

CONCEPT: Couple running around in the pouring rain, jumping in puddles, laying on the ground etc. This will be without umbrellas.
Wardrobe can either be dramatic with dresses/blazers & dress pants OR it can be on the more casual side with jeans, sweaters and trench coats. Location can either be in the city (city lights around dusk would be cool) or on an empty road (I have two locations in mind).

MUST:  Be willing to get soaking wet (could be 30+ minutes in cold & rain) + be okay with PDA and making out. I'll buy you a coffee after!

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):




6. Music Lovers (couples)

Music Lovers (couples)

CONCEPT: Couple relaxing at home, listening to and playing instruments together. Some front porch photos would be beautiful too.
Romantic & intimate vibes.
Loose clothing, oversized button-downs & long socks, jeans and shirtless, vibes etc.
Instruments I'd like to incorporate = acoustic guitars, piano, banjo, drum set etc. Not looking for instruments that require using your mouth (like flute/trumpet etc).

MUST: Have your own instruments & ample natural light in your space or be willing to rent a studio space at your own expense.

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):





7. steamy outdoor bedding couple

8. Vintage car wedding

Vintage Car Wedding

CONCEPT: Couple in wedding day attire posing with a vintage car. Looking for a girl with a shorter white dress, something baby doll or A line with a lot of skirt, funky sleeves are welcome (see example Pinterest board). And a guy either in all white or an earthy colour like burgundy or green. If not a suit, a white button down with suspenders, jacket and dress pants will be good. Will include a champagne pop.

MUST: Have your own wedding day attire. Having your own access to a vintage car will give you first dibs on this casting call.

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):




9. LGBTQ+ Styled Wedding

LGBTQ+ Styled Wedding

CONCEPT: Couple session in wedding day attire at an outdoor location, either on the beach or a small lookout. All gender identities welcome.

MUST: Have your own wedding day attire or be willing to buy (dresses may get a bit sandy and need dry cleaning). Be comfy with PDA.

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):





10. LGBTQ+ Empowerment

LGBTQ+ Empowerment

CONCEPT: Queer humans that prefer to be represented as gender fluid and want to express their sexuality.
This concept is free flowing depending on each individual person, so here are a few ideas.
1. Someone with the physicality of a male, wearing makeup and lingerie
2. Someone with the physicality of a female, wearing boxers and sports bra or sports bra and sweatpants
3. Transgender or non-binary
3. Any underrepresented person in the LGBTQ+ community - please tell me about you and what parts of you, you want to express in an empowering and accepting way.

MUST: Be willing to show skin.

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):



11. male empowerment

Male Empowerment

CONCEPT: Male of any age, race, sexuality or size. Indoor or outdoor intimate session.
This concept is free flowing so here are a few ideas.
1. In underwear on bed/couch/floor
2. In towels, fresh out of the shower look.
3. Nude with blankets/sheets covering all the bits. Creative posing of arms and legs to cover everything.
4. Props such as guitars, books, painting etc. Personal elements to who you are

MUST: Be willing to show skin.

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):





12. Painting portraits

Painting Portraits

CONCEPT: Young artist (gender non-specific) painting. Looking to be a little messy, getting paint all over your hands/face/clothes. Would love to have you in a white or beige oversized shirt. This can double as branding photos for local artists.

ALTERNATIVE CONCEPT: make it a partial empowerment session and paint in your underwear/birthday suit depending on your comfort level.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Paints, Brushes, Canvas & Easel if you don't already own these. Possible studio rental (can range $65/hr - $100/hr)

MUST: Be willing to get messy & have an indoor space available for this or be willing to rent a studio space.

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):





13. clothesline Empowerment

Clothesline Empowerment

CONCEPT: Outdoors. Fishing wire or ropes are tied around trees or stands, as "clotheslines". Clipping sheets, dresses, lingerie, etc. to it. Can be a solo empowerment session or couples. Looking for a golden hour moment in the summer. Empowerment styled, so you can wear a slip dress, lingerie, boxers, button-downs or whatever feels comfortable.

MUST: Be willing to show some skin.

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):





14. Renaissance Empowerment

Renaissance Empowerment

CONCEPT: Empowerment portraits that emulate the renaissance era. Looking to incorporate a lot of flowy fabrics/drapery, vintage mirrors, vintage books, florals (baby's breath), and lounging. Looking to have either a single female model in a white/light pink nightgown or a couple wrapped up in white sheets. Looking to have a lot of texture, pastel colours and candle light.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Possible Studio Booking (Ranges from $65/hr to $100/hr)

MUST: Be willing to show skin and have dramatic/wondrous expressions. Soft and round facial features are a bonus.

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):





15. female in power suit

Female in Power Suit

CONCEPT: Female in a loose fitting suit set in a studio space with a single chair or stool. Wide legged pants. and long blazer unbuttoned with bralette on underneath.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Possible Studio Booking (Ranges from $65/hr to $100/hr)

MUST: Own a suit similar to those pictured and in the Pinterest Board, in neutral tones. 






16. Editorial female group portraits

editorial Female Group

CONCEPT: 2-3 women in complimentary neutral/nude tones. Obscure posing and very close together. Best if you are close friends within the same bubble. Outdoors or in a studio space with backdrop. Diversity in models is prioritized for this casting.

MUST: Have defined jaw lines and be somewhat flexible.

EXAMPLE MEDIA (the emotion and intimacy I am going for):





17. All Black & White Edits

All Black & White (Couple's)

CONCEPT: Full session edited in black and white ONLY. Vintage romance vibes. Location is flexible - picnic in a field, cafe date, running around the city etc.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: If colour edits are desired, there will be an additional editing fee. Possible cost: coffee & snacks.

MUST: Be comfortable with PDA! This is all about connection and passion. Think, “1920’s stolen kisses and longing looks”. Bonus if you have a vintage bike.


finished casting Call Blog Posts

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